Our philosophy

Länka’s treatment philosophy is based on an understanding of the individual’s personality and upbringing environment. By analyzing these factors, we gain knowledge about the challenges that the individual faces and their background. We then offer different treatment options to deal with these challenges and offer retreats, therapy, coaching and training based on the individual’s needs.

Two key words in Länka’s philosophy are “truth” and “reality”. We aim to, regardless of treatment choice, give our guests a more truthful picture of themselves and their lives. We assume that people are not a problem to be fixed, but an asset to be found. Our experience is that suffering arises when a person stops being honest with herself and others, and starts from a static reality rather than a complex one. The static reality can be harmful if it is also based on destructive ideas about oneself, such as “I am harmful” or “there is something wrong with me”. These ideas can be called a narrative that the person has created about herself to define who she is. The person’s growing up environment in the form of family and norms in society are co-creators of this narrative. Often such ideas are passed down through generations and it takes a lot to break the generational legacy in how you think about yourself and others. When the person uses these narratives as a starting point for choices and actions, the person’s reality soon becomes very narrow and potentially harmful.

We help you identify the basic assumptions about yourself on which your static reality rests, and offer colliding realities that can give you a more complex picture. A complex reality is a truer reflection of what life looks like at large, and it is thus more free.

ISTDP Therapy

When we analyze the problems a guest presents to us, we circle the prevailing problem and its perpetuating mechanisms, what the person wishes to do instead and what you want to avoid. The therapeutic work is not about removing something in you, but about helping you not to get in the way of yourself, so that you can be found. We work on the basis that different means can be used as a catalyst for change. These means can consist of language, sound, smell, touch, breathing exercises and environment. The strongest transformation is often beyond words. It often comes with a desire for increased being and decreased doing. After all, we are Human beings and not Human doings.

The Länka house itself facilitates this process as its design stimulates your senses and challenges your current reality. We incorporate elements of nature into the therapeutic environment, such as plants and natural materials, to create a link to our original environment and in this way constantly remind ourselves of the conditions for existence. We are at our best when we do not defy our true nature. This also applies to the healthy feminine and masculine parts of you, which in the modern world have almost died out and instead become toxic. We notice how many of our guests are confused about what it’s like to be a woman and a man. At Länka, we help you get in touch with both the feminine and the masculine qualities in you so that they can be integrated. As soon as you set foot with us, you know that you have stepped into an alternative world that offers opportunities for you to create alternative worlds within yourself as well.

Overall, we believe that the environment is a powerful tool in the therapeutic process, which can greatly influence the emotional and psychological state of our clients to dare to open up to forgotten feelings and alternative states of consciousness. We also place great emphasis on the emotional and relational environment in our therapy sessions. We work to create a safe and supportive space where guests can explore their feelings and experiences without fear of being judged or criticized.

About Länka

Länka has a holistic approach and is based on principles from ISTDP, IFS, CBT and Psychedelic therapy in the treatment of our guests.

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