Psychedelic therapy 

Our treatments are for you who are:

  • Questioning the meaning of life
  • Experience yourself as a prisoner in your own life
  • Feeling lost in life
  • Suffering from anxiety
  • Feeling emotionally shut down
  • Feeling too open
  • Having relational difficulties
  • Suffering from social difficulties
  • Having emotional inner conflicts in general
  • Seeking truths and tools

The goal of our treatments is to:

  • Give new perspectives on your life
  • Offer alternative perceptions of reality
  • Facilitate emotional breakthroughs
  • Give a more truthful picture of yourself and your life
  • Give increased capacity to live your life
  • Provide increased capacity to take responsibility

Our treatments consist of

Psychedelic retreats •  • Psycholytic Therapy • ISTDP • Coaching

Psychedelic retreat 

A stimulating and at the same time grounding day with us at Länka. During the preparatory talks, we make an assessment of your needs to determine which reset services we can offer you. During the follow-up conversation, we help you integrate your lessons from the retreat day and provide guidance on how you can continue forward.


Three preparatory talks
Retreat day

Day 1:
13:00 Arrival
13:00-13:30 Settle in the house
13:30-14:00 Check-in talk
14:00-18:00 Plant medicine and soundhealing
19:00 Dinner
20:00 – bedtime Adapted relaxing activities

Day 2:

08:30 Breakfast
9:00-10:00 Integrative talk
10:00-11:00 Quiet walk
11:30 Check-out

A follow-up talk

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Couples retreat

This package is for couples who need help to, for example, deepen their relationship or move on from a locked position. It is common to focus more on changing something in one’s partner than in oneself, which tends to exacerbate an already problematic dynamic.

At Länka, you can get help to direct the focus inward and to take responsibility for what everyone can take responsibility for, starting with yourselves. You get help using each other as a mirror to learn something about yourselves. The package has similar content to The reset package, with the difference that the services are aimed at couples instead of a single person. It tends to be a transformative experience regardless of whether your goal is to deepen or end the relationship.

See The Reset for content and schedule.

The Silence

Welcome to spend one to several days in silence with Länka. When the voices fall silent, the mind can turn its attention to what really matters in this life – how your body and surroundings feel and how it feels to exist at all in the world you’re in. You close one door but open another. Länka’s surrounding natural environment is perfect for spending time with the inner silence and instead paying attention to subtle sounds outside of you. Perhaps you notice how the inner and outer sounds are finally experienced as the same thing. You are invited to meditative sittings and walks, but otherwise have great freedom to arrange your day as you wish. At the end of the retreat when the silence is broken, you have the opportunity for an integrative conversation to share and understand your experiences.

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Psycholytic therapy

This form of therapy is a term coined by Stanislov Grof and means that the patient goes into talk therapy in connection with taking a very low dose of psychedelic medication. The low dose of psychedelics facilitates a more open mind and heart, without the state of consciousness changing, which can give a somewhat more intense and deep experience of a customary talk therapy treatment.


Länka’s coaching is based on the principles we describe here when we break down a problem to solve it together with the client. It suits you who have a defined problem that you wish to gain new perspectives on so that you can move forward. We first listen to what you have to say and how you say it, in order to then create a hypothesis about which factors contribute to your being stuck. We test the hypothesis together with you and give you tools that will help you work on your problem even after the session with us.


ISTDP (intensive short-term psychotherapy) is an affect-focused psychodynamic therapy method that is adapted to different people’s needs and conditions. ISTDP is especially helpful for those with relationship problems, depression, psychosomatic problems and anxiety, for those who have difficulty dealing with emotions/are not in touch with their emotions. The treatment has a clear focus and the therapist is constantly challenging in relation to the defenses the patient uses to avoid feeling certain emotions, but with an ever-present empathy for the functioning of the defenses and the patient’s painful feelings.

The method is called affect-focused as a goal in the therapy is to make it easier for the patient to fully experience his feelings. At the same time, the method is insight-focused as an understanding of the cause of the problems contributes to both an increased chance for a breakthrough of emotions and a more lasting change. ISTDP is an intensive method that can lead to lasting changes in a short time when therapist and patient fully engage in the work. The method has growing research support and has been effective even for complex, long-term problems and psychosomatic conditions. Please visit for more information.

Psychedelic integration

With a psychedelic substance as a catalyst, you can access larger parts of your consciousness, and break out of the repetitive patterns your brain may be stuck in. It can help you get back to the openness your consciousness was in as a child, and you get the opportunity to see yourself from a more open, flexible and loving perspective.

In addition to a potentially spiritual and highly meaningful experience, sessions with a psychedelic substance can help you move on from a stagnant state such as depression and anxiety. Like usual psychotherapy, it’s not about quick solutions, but in-depth work to get closer to yourself and how you want to live your life. The time after a psychedelic experience is particularly significant as the new insights may need to be processed and integrated with one’s previous ways of looking at oneself and life.

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About Länka

Länka has a holistic approach and is based on principles from ISTDP, IFS, CBT and Psychedelic therapy in the treatment of our guests.

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