Couples therapy

This package is for couples who need help to, for example, deepen their relationship or move on from a locked position. It is common to focus more on changing something in one’s partner than in oneself, which tends to exacerbate an already problematic dynamic.


At Länka, you can get help to direct the focus inward and to take responsibility for what everyone can take responsibility for, starting with yourselves. You get help using each other as a mirror to learn something about yourselves. The package has similar content to The reset package, with the difference that the services are aimed at couples instead of a single person. It tends to be a transformative experience regardless of whether your goal is to deepen or end the relationship.

About Länka

Länka has a holistic approach and is based on principles from ISTDP, IFS, CBT and Psychedelic therapy in the treatment of our guests.

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